AE2415YGH 1B.DCAE679 AE1120NF-011-A6

AE2415YGH 1B.DCAE679 AE1120NF-011-A6

  • Categorie: Compressors

Technical Features

Brand Tecumseh
Compressor Type Hermetic Reciprocating
Power Supply 230V
Refrigerant R134A
Frequency (Hz) 50
Evaporating Temp. Range:-40°C to -10°C (-40°F to 14°F)
Motor Torque:High Start Torque (HST)
Compressor Cooling:Fan
Weight Unit of Measure:KG
Displacement (cc):12.48
Oil Type:Polyolester
Viscosity (cSt):32
Oil Charge (cc):387
Voltage Range (50 Hz):187-264
Voltage Range (60 Hz):N/A
Locked Rotor Amps (LRA):14.5
Rated Load Amps (RLA 50 Hz):1.78
Rated Load Amps (RLA 60 Hz):0
Max. Continuous Current (MCC in Amps):0
Motor Resistance (Ohm) - Main:5.56
Motor Resistance (Ohm) - Start:17.79
Overload Type:N/A
Relay Type:N/A


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