Globalization and technology, these days have been reducing the worry of distance approach which had opened a wide and rich gateway of transportation within less time frame. The need for the product in good quality and economical expenses lead us to import and export products of all variants from far and different part of the countries. Amongst these products, there lies another field growing exponentially,

HVAC World

Air- conditioning and its widespread use boost the export and import of HVAC products, worldwide. Automobile, industrial and home appliances enlarging the comfort made HVAC products a huge impact in the market

In 2018, world had seen the $47.8 billion sales of Air-conditioning exports by all the countries. since 2014, the value of Air-conditioning exports increases by an average of 12.2% every year. Alone 2017 – 2018, value has been appreciated by 7.2%

Asian continents remain the highest exporters of Air-conditions in the world with a worth of $27.7 Billion in 2018, comprising 57.9% of global total export. European export makes in to second place with 26.7% of export, while 14.8% of Air- conditioning shipments originated from north america. China is among the highest exporter of Air-conditioning products in the world with export of 34.4%  of total export. In 2018, china alone exported $16.5 Billion of export in Air-conditioning products.

Al Sweer Trading is in the market of import/export of HVAC products since 1992. Its been three decades now and slowly it has captured Iraq’s market from 4% to 52% until now. Al Sweer Trading has been dealing with the growing market of HVAC products in the middle east and European nations. Refrigerants has been widely exporting in the region.

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