Nidec GA compressors is the expert in advanced compressor technologies. We create and support solutions that set the performance standard for leading bisunesses around the world.

within our core application areas Household,Light Commerical, and DC-Powered we are dedicated to continue creating and supporting intelligents solutions that shape the businesses and marketplaces of our customers

we want to be recognized as a fast , responsive, straightforward, and relible long-term
partner who is committed to constantly increasing value for our customers. In 2010 , the german holding company AURELIUS AG acquired Danfoss household compressors from denmarks’s Danfoss group . After this takeover , the Danfoss household compressors GmbH’s name was changed to Secope GmbH.

At Secop, the development of leading compressor technologies always goes hand in hand with social and environmental responsibility.we think it is lest we can do , helping our customers to meet regulations and build a better world.
This means all Secope compressors are designed to save energy and reduce emissions in customer applications all over the world. It also means that we carry out environmental manufacturing practices wherever we operate.
it means we are a participant of the Global Compact, an initiation of the united Nations for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten unviersally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment,and anto-corruption.
And it means that when you choose a Secop compressor ,you’re opting for high performing solutions that cool with a conscience- now and in the future



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