Mueller streamline Co. is a company of Mueller industries, inc. that provides products
supporting the pimbing , HVAC, refrigeration, PVF, and other markets. Headquartered
in colloerville, TN, the company’s flagship products are streamline copper tubing, line
sets, copper fittings, valves, and realated items. Muelles streamline Co. also sells othrs
Muelles industries companies’ brands,representing and wide assortment of products
such as refirgerantion valve, HVAC/R protection devices, brass flare fittings, iron
fittings,steel pipe plastic tubing and fittings,plumbings valves,plumbing specialties,
and more.
Mellers streamline Co. is an integrated industrial piping solutions provides. Our
team of experienced and industry involved professionals works closely with
wholesale distributors,contractors,and engineers alike. We strive to a resource ot the
industries we serve, to best understand customer needs, system trends, and more.
with comprehensive knowledge of piping systems, industrial applications , and sector
requirements , our experts work with you the best understand your requirements and
provide smart, solutions comprised of ingenuity and high-quality products.



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